You’ll Never Believe Jesper the Snow Cat

Meet Jesper, a handsome orange three-year old tomcat from Norway.

He’s a little crazy, even for a cat!

Unlike most kitties, Jesper loves all things outdoors–skiing, hiking, climbing trees, horseback riding, SWIMMING, or just riding around on his mom’s shoulder.

His mom says he behaves more like a dog than a cat.

Check out the video of Jesper towing his skiing owner, and enjoy some of his outdoorsy Instagram shots.

He should probably have a centerfold in Backpacker magazine!

Skijoring, anyone?

You know, just chillin’ in the snow.

Hanging out with mom.

I’m quite comfy in the backpack when she’s hiking or skiing.

Don’t I look handsome with my hiking pack?

Be sure to catch this video of my death-defying river crossing.

Of course, sometimes I jump in.

Me and my horse buddy.

Ready for my next adventure!

We love him! Check out more of Jesper on Instragram.


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