In a World Where Cats Do Their Groceries, Chaos Ensues

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if your cat did your groceries for you? Or better yet, if cats did their own groceries? For real. We have only one word for you: CHAOS!

Would cats stuff their carts with junk food, debate the serious choice of tuna over sardines, salivate over salmon fillets, jump away from rogue cucumbers, or wrestle any competition over that last precious bottle of catnip? What’s a cat got to do?

Well, imagine no more because Netto Marken Discount, a German supermarket chain, created this funny commercial which gives a nod to some silly cat memes.

Seriously, the lengths we humans go to to make hilarious cat videos. And nobody’s complaining!

Watch what happens when cats do the groceries:


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