Understanding Your Cat 101

Anyone who has ever had a cat knows there’s one thing about them that always stays the same. And nope, it’s not their obsession with boxes or fabricated squares and circles on the floor, although that one comes a close second. It’s their ever reliable unpredictability. Just because you’ve lived with cats for years since you were a kid doesn’t make you an expert in cat behavior. Even after thousands of years of domestication, cats are still pretty much a mystery to most humans.

In this video by Bright Side, typical cat behaviors like the slow blink, head butting, twitching tails, and eating your hair are broken down and explained for the benefit of the ordinary human who’s a (bewildered but nevertheless, happy and willing) slave to their cats and want to understand them better. There’s also a segment on decoding cat language like understanding what different types of meows mean, plus tips on how to communicate with your cats to gain their trust and affection.

With this cat behavior guide, we have faith you’ll become best friends with your beloved felines in no time.

Watch this video on “Cat Behavior for Dummies”:


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