Smell Like a Cat With This Kitty Paw-Scented Hand Cream

Are you addicted to the smell of your kitty’s paws? You can now take that soothing scent with you anywhere you go.

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Felissimo, a Japan-based online retailer, loves cats so much it has its own section of feline-inspired products. They even came up with a hand cream that smells just like a cat’s paws!

This idea was inspired by an employee during a brainstorming session, who suggested producing a hand cream that leaves the skin soft and squeezable as a cat’s paws. The rest of the company’s Cat Division loved the idea, and the discussion naturally led to how many cat owners enjoy sniffing their cat’s paws and finding it relaxing. The team decided to give the hand cream that same smell.

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To get the scent right, Felissimo’s R&D team along with the president of Yamamoto Perfumery Co., went to a cat cafe to smell some cats on duty. Felissimo also used social media to survey cat lovers on what they thought their cat’s paws smelled like. Answers ranged from caramel to cooked soybeans. But the most popular answer was…popcorn!

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That’s why Felissimo’s Cat Paw Smell Hand Cream for humans smells just like sweet popcorn. A 50-gram (1.8 ounce) tub of the hand cream sells for ¥1,131 or $10.03 in their website. So if you can’t take your precious kitty with you anywhere just for soothing paw sniffing, a tub of this cat paw-scented hand cream will instantly do the trick.

Source: Rocket News 24, Felissimo


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