Why It’s Now Cool to Be a Cat Lady

If people know you’re an older single lady who owns a lot of cats, chances are, you’ve already been labeled a “cat lady” at least once. And it wasn’t a compliment at all. To be labeled a cat lady has become synonymous with being a loner, a homebody, a failure at establishing intimate relationships with other people (hence, settling for cat companionship instead), and an overall grumpy, testy older lady.

Well, being awesome cat ladies ourselves, we can definitely attest that not everything above is true for all cat ladies in the world. Labels are just labels, and you’ll be surprised to find complex and colorful personalities underneath all that cat lady exterior. We refuse to be stigmatized and misunderstood because of the label.

And thankfully, we cat ladies now have science to back us up. It’s now cool to be a cat lady (well, it has always been in our opinion). According to a study published by Springer International Journal in 2016, cats can help improve people’s health, especially older women. There is a link between women over the age of 50 who own a cat, and decreased risk of dying from a stroke or cardiovascular disease. This is because whenever you pet an animal, your body releases a surge of dopamine, oxytocin, and prolactin–feel-good hormones that help lower stress levels.

So the next time someone calls you “crazy cat lady”, smile and be proud. It’s a good thing both for you, your health, and your beloved cats. Granny definitely agrees.

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Source: Daily Mail

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