Knitted Cat Paws are a Thing and You Need to Make Them Now!

Think of the kitschiest thing you can knit and you might come up with a few dozen things like tea cozies and cute baby animals. But we bet you haven’t thought of this latest knitting craze: cat paws! Yes, knitted cat paws are real, and you can make them.

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Source: Knit Hacker

Cat lover or not, these knitted cat paws are just exactly what you need. Slip them on chair legs to protect wooden floors from getting scratched. They instantly pop and add quirkiness to your home decor. They also make unique gifts for that dear cat lover in your life (yourself included!).

They may be kitschy, but they’re darn cute! You never know, knitted cat paws can become a home decor classic.

Get the chair paws knitting pattern by designer Nicola Valiji for free at Let’s Knit.


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