Guy and His Cats Recreate Epic Movie Scenes and It’s One of the Funniest Things You’ll Ever See

Couple David and Sarah from the UK bond over their mutual love for films and cats. One day, they realized they could combine the two and come up with something they both love to do and would make many people smile–recreating popular movie scenes starring their cats.

The couple have two look-alike cats named Tara and Willow. David and Sarah first take photos of their cats, usually with David also taking on a role. Then with a little bit of Photoshop editing magic, they come up with the finished movie scene. They post the images on their Instagram account and ask their followers to guess what movie it is they’ve recreated. David’s rapport with the cats is so hilarious, it’s no surprise that fans love it. And whether they’re film buffs or not, they do get the film right on the first guess.

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Source: Love Meow

According to Sarah and David, “The cats clearly think we’re weird. It can be a challenge to get the cats to cooperate, but they get lots of treats so that tends to win them over to our nonsense”.

It’s a creative collaboration between kitties and their humans that they aim to continue until they’ve done pretty much every epic movie there is to recreate.

Try to guess the next movie recreations and follow them on Instagram: @moviecats for their official account and @casualmoviecats for funny behind-the-scenes out takes. Here are some epic movie scenes you’ll most likely recognize.

Fly home, E.T. kitty, fly home!

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Alien kitty on the loose!

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Run, it’s the “shining kitty”!

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And…cue that infernal “Unchained Melody”.

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