Elsa the Frozen Cat Warms Up to Life Again

It’s amazing how compassion can work miracles, not just for fellow human beings, but for our animal friends as well.

In February of 2015, a man discovered a young orange tabby lying frozen on his front porch. For weeks, the temperature had been below freezing, with wind chills below 0°F. The cat was frozen to the point that it could only move a single paw. It seemed like a hopeless situation.

The man carried the cat into his home, gave her a warm bath, wrapped her in warm blankets, and patiently checked on her every now and then. As the cat slowly warmed up, she began to eat and drink a little. After six hours, there was a marked improvement. Elsa the cat, as she was named after the Disney movie princess character, was finally up and about.

Her caretaker is proud to report that Elsa has been checked out by a veterinarian, has been pronounced healthy and fully recovered, and is currently doing well. Thanks to people like him, animals in need like Elsa the cat are given a chance to live in good health and with a warm, loving family.

Watch Elsa’s miraculous recovery:

This video was posted by familytime on YouTube.


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