Cat Soap Opera Deserves a YouTube Emmy!

Intrigue. Drama. Love affairs. Cheesy lines. Sexy felines. Getting sued for “meowpractice.” What more could you ask for in a cat soap opera?

A cat soap opera?!! Yes, there is such a thing. Cat Hospital is a parody featuring talented human and feline doctors, nurses, and patients. Get in on the goings on in Cat Hospital—who’s having an affair with whom, who’s going to die, who’s heart got broken, and who’s secretly popping pills.

This is all from the wacky mind of Mark Douglas of Barely Productions, in collaboration with YouTube’s Field Day project. Field Day produces and features new, weird, imaginative videos by filmmakers, entertainers, and creatives.

In case you were wondering, no cats were harmed in making this video. In fact, they were all for it. Hopefully Cat Hospital gets picked up for more hilarious episodes in the future. Sometimes we just need a cheesy cat soap opera to make us laugh.

Watch Cat Hospital—where cats and humans are the star of the show:

Also, watch this kooky behind-the-scenes interview with Mark Douglas, the crazy mastermind of Cat Hospital:

“I want the audience to laugh. I hope it would inspire people to follow through on their dreams no matter how stupid they may seem.”–Mark Douglas


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