Cat Lover with Asperger’s Builds THE COOLEST Cat Heaven

This man loves his cats so much he built them the best cat heaven ever.

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Greg Krueger, a 49-year-old Minnesota resident recently diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, has been working on his masterpiece—a cat heaven more than 15 years in the making. Kruger gushes that he “just love[s] trails and paths and cats,” so he “just linked those passions together.”

Krueger’s cat heaven is an ongoing project, and he compares it to a puzzle that he never finishes. He’s built nearly a hundred yards of wooden overhead cat walks inside his own home, where his cats can come and go, and roam as they please, while looking down on “lesser mortals” like the rest of us.

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Krueger’s brilliant and creative mind has come up with elaborate passages and quirky entryways, one of them cut in the outline of a cat’s face. Each of his four cats has their own favorite hideout, fitted with lights and padding for comfort. They all look so healthy, loved, and well-cared for by Krueger, who’s obviously smitten with them.

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And like any true cat lover, Krueger treats his cats like family and cares for them like they’re his own children. This kind of love and devotion is heart-warming to witness. Without a doubt, this cat heaven is a labor of Krueger’s love and will continue to last and house generations of cats to come.

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Watch Greg proudly show off his one-of-a-kind cat heaven labyrinth.


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