Cat and a Box: A Love Story

Now, this is a love story all cat owners can relate to.

Maru is a male Scottish Fold who lives in Japan with his owner Mugumogu, and Hana, a mixed-breed cat. Even though he lives a happy, content life as a housecat/internet sensation, he never thought he was missing something until he met “the box.”

The box was unexpected—a wonderful surprise. It doesn’t bark, doesn’t fight back, doesn’t rub him too much or pounce on him unexpectedly. It’s there when he needs it the most—waiting to be pounced on or run over. It’s a safe zone, a look out post, a hiding place, a friend. It’s everything Maru needs. Every time he sees “the box”, he jumps into it headfirst, runs into its open flaps, and cuddles with it like there’s no tomorrow.

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Who could resist THE BOX?! Source: Love Meow

It’s an epic love story that befits “the most famous cat on the internet.”

Watch Maru’s love affair with “the box.”


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