Cat “Borrows” Plush Toy From the Neighbor. No biggie.

Having kind and generous neighbors are cool. Especially if they let you borrow some stuff that you need but don’t have. There shouldn’t be any issue with borrowing as long as you come up to their door and ask nicely. And return what you borrowed in the same condition as soon as possible. Neighbors who are okay with that are cool.

So what seems to be the problem here? Well, we’re just not sure about this one cat. This cat who went to the neighbor’s and “borrowed” their little tiger plush toy. The neighbors weren’t available to comment, so we don’t really know whether it’s borrowed or stolen. But let’s go back to this cat.┬áThat has got the be the sassiest cat walk ever…while taking off with the neighbor’s tiger plush toy! Which they probably wouldn’t miss. We’re crossing our fingers, either way. For this cat’s sake.

Watch this smug, sneaky tabby run off with the neighbor’s plush toy:


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