Bengal Cat Greets Owner From the Same Spot Every Day

When they love you and when they’re in the mood, cats can be the sweetest, most adorable pets you can have. No kidding. They can also be as fiercely loyal and affectionate to their owners as dogs usually are, despite their independent nature.

We are firm believers that if you love a cat and care for it, it will definitely love you back. Tonto the Bengal cat is living proof of this. Every day, the mottled dark ginger cat sits on top of a ledge by the front gate of his owner’s home. He sits patiently until his owner arrives and then gives him an enthusiastic “welcome home” by meowing and purring, and rubbing himself all over the ledge, his owner’s hand, or both.

Khaled Spiewak, Tonto’s owner/dad, is a filmmaker based in Scotland. So it’s no surprise that he’s video recorded Tonto’s antics. Tonto does his signature welcome home every day that it’s become a ritual Spiewak always enjoys and looks forward to. Aww. It’s so precious, some of us wish our beloved and spoiled felines gave us a warm welcome home like that every day!

Watch this adorable ball of ginger fluff welcome his owner home without fail.


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