Angry Cat Silently Judges You…

Grumpy Cat has a reason to be grumpier these days. She now has a rival to online fame and stardom.

Meet Koyuki, a 9-year-old Scottish fold cat with a perpetually annoyed face. Hailing from the land of the rising sun, Koyuki, whose name means “light snow” in Japanese, is anything but delicate.

Despite the permanent scowl, Koyuki’s owner, marugaodesuyo, insists that she’s friendly and not upset. But, let’s leave the judging to Koyuki herself.

”Yeah, I always wake up like this. Got a problem with that?”

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“Eww. I just had sushi and it was disgusting! How do you ruin fish?”

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“You better get that camera off my face, or you’ll be sorry.”

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“Touch my yarn ball and you’re gonna regret it!”

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“Silly humans! Always making a mess…”

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“Whaddaya mean you forgot to buy my kibbles??!”

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“Silently judging you…”

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“Just so you know, mommy, I’m not up for sharing the spotlight any time soon.”

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See more of Koyuki on Instagram.


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