All Aboard the World’s First Ever Cat Train

It’s safe to assume that by now we have all heard of cat cafes. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, a cat cafe is where you go to spend some quality time with cute cats while enjoying tea and pastries. And sometimes, you get to adopt one if you’re lucky (and if it’s allowed). That awesome idea made famous by Japan, has now branched out into the west. And now, the “land of the rising cat” has something way more kawaii than a cat cafe under its sleeve…or paw.

All aboard the cat train!

On September 10, a few dozen human passengers were joined on a local train in Ogaki, in Japan’s Gifu prefecture, by 30 rescue cats, most of them kittens. This is no ordinary train trip even by Japanese standards. After two-and-a-half hours, the lucky human passengers got out of the train unscathed and feline fine, thanks to their kitty companions.

Kitten Cafe Sanctuary, a local NGO, teamed up with Yoro Railway Company Ltd. to set up the world’s first ever Cat Train Cafe. This epic event was organized to raise awareness on the plight of stray cats in Japan. The group encourages people to provide loving homes to stray cats to decrease culling. In Japan, thousands of cats are culled when they’re not adopted. On the part of the railway company, their goal was also met in promoting tourism to Ogaki and its destination city, Ikeno.

Aside from the extended cuddle and play time with kittens, the trip offered free food and drinks, plus gorgeous mountain and rural landscape views. Cat lovers couldn’t ask for more. But we could, actually…maybe more repeats of this cat train cafe trip in the future? So more people can enjoy the experience and adopt cats, of course. We’re crossing our fingers.

Wishing we were there on that epic cat train, but watching this video is the next best thing:

Source: Atlas Obscura


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