7 Things Your Cat Wants You to Buy on Amazon

There aren’t enough ways to say how awesome cats are. They just…are. And since they’re awesome companions, they deserve some cool, useful stuff too. Here are top 7 things your cat wants you to get him or her on Amazon. And it doesn’t have to be for Christmas or their birthday. It’s for their everyday awesomeness!

There’s the Katris Modular Tree–a modular shelf/”cat tree” that can be repositioned into different layouts. While you can use it to store your stuff, your cat can use it as her official perch/hangout.

The SureFeed Cat Feeder is an automatic feeder that opens upon recognizing your cat’s collar chip or RFID tag. This ensures that your cat’s food doesn’t become the dog’s or another cat’s dinner.

The Wanti Cat Toy is a multi-purpose interactive remote-controlled cat toy that combines everything a cat loves–ball, feather, and wand all in one cool gadget. Your cats will have a crazy fun play time with it.

The K&H Mod Dream Pod is a posh-looking pod-shaped heated cat bed for indoor or patio use.

The Vivipet Table lets your pampered feline eat in style with an angled table top for easy access, a pair of food bowls, and a side of edible grass.

The Kitty Ball Rattan Bed is an elegantly-designed cat bed, elevated and shaped like a wide ball complete with a plush machine-washable cushion.

The Simply Clean Box is a self-cleaning litter box that takes away the stress of cleaning litter boxes.


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