3D Printed Armor Protects Cats in Battle

Have you ever seen your cat go head to head with an alley cat, chase after a squirrel, jump over fences, scale rooftops, or show that annoying neighbor’s dog who’s boss? And every time have you ever been a tiny bit worried your furry loved one will limp back home or get battle scars? Cats may be ninjas, but even the best ninjas have their days.

To protect your cat from epic battles and things that go bump outside, there’s this really cool invention: 3D printed battle armor for cats!

3D printing guru Jwall of Print That Thing designed the armor and made the prototype. He has uploaded all the info for replicating it into Thingiverse. Basically anyone who has a 3D printer and internet access can create this battle armor for their feline friend. AWESOME.

In the video below, Jwall gives us a glimpse into the inspiration and driving force behind this invention—his cat, Bobo. Bobo is also the model for the prototype.

Andre Sink of Sink Hacks tried making it with gold-toned ABS filament and jewelry hoops. Here’s what he has to say about it:

“The suit has a solid feel to it, and is articulated nicely, allowing it to move with the cat! I scaled it down to 95% so it would fit my little cat, but left the tail pieces and stinger at full size. I printed it using Hatchbox Gold ABS Filament, so it would have a metallic look to it!”

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His cat, Virginia, looks snug in it:

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Sink Hacks

We think this 3D printed battle armor for cats is both weird and cool, but we’re not the ones wearing it. Kitty may need a little more purr-suasion, though. Maybe if she smells the catnip in the armor’s catnip holder…


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